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If stuck, or failing to articulate either your vision, its execution, and WHY you do your WHAT, your organization might be suffering from:

  • mis-communication issues:

    • your vision (*) needs to be clarified

    • your strategy is undefined and not being understood within the organization

    • if that´s the case, probably not being able to sell your products and services as you would expect

    • do you have a clear purpose? is everybody on-board and empowered by your WHY?

(*) assuming you do have some sort of vision for your business. (not having a vision is an option too - business issue).

  • business issues:

    • your vision today is not meant to be the same as your vision 3-5 years ago

    • is your product strategy aligned with your vision?

    • is your pricing aligned with your quality?

    • do you have a solid marketing plan?

  • cultural issues:

    • growth ninjas vs. corporate status-quo

    • philosophers vs. doers

    • lots of talks, overdose of meetings, thousands of "minutas"

    • control and micro-management for everything

    • unclear organizational chart

    • silos

    • unreachable leaders

    • misaligned incentives

Being conscious and aware of the symptoms helps (a lot in fact).

Today is your first day to start working on these.

If you need some help, call us....

We´ll bring fresh squeezed views and ideas, served with love.

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